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Amrita Das

Amrita Das

Hello everyone, I am Amrita Das a passionate freelance blogger, editor, and content writer. After completing my MBA in Finance, I spent 5 years as a Finance Officer in a company while simultaneously pursuing my creative passions of reading and writing. I always aim to help people live a happy, safe, and prosperous life through my words.

Now with my newfound freedom as a freelancer, I am joyously able to bring my unique word to the world through captivating stories and intelligent content. Whether you’re looking for financial advice or inspirational stories about life’s journey, I am here to provide you with thoughtful insights and engaging conversation.


About I Am Amrita

At I Am Amrita, we aim to help people make strong and informed financial decisions. With the team at I Am Amrita, you can access many helpful blogs and articles about banking, investments, taxes, savings, budgeting, and more – all in one place. We strive to provide our readers with accurate information so they can make informed choices regarding money-making opportunities and financial security for their future.

Our mission is to empower every one of our readers by helping them understand how small changes now can yield significant results down the line; providing clear guidance on how to build wealth over time. Our ultimate vision is that no individual should ever feel lost regarding finances – we want everybody to feel financially secure and understand their own path toward success.