What Is Berkheimer Tax? A Comprehensive Guide

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Berkheimer is a trusted tax administrator in Pennsylvania that specializes in all Pennsylvania Act 32 and Act 50 tax administration services. They are the preferred partner for 32 TCDs (Tax Collection Districts) and provide their services to individuals, employers, payroll companies, tax preparers, and governments.

The company is committed to providing efficient and effective tax administration services, making it easier for taxpayers to fulfill their local tax obligations. In this article, we will take a closer look at what the Berkheimer Tax is and how they can help you with your tax needs.



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What Is The Berkheimer Tax?

The Berkheimer Tax matter is named after the Berkheimer Associates because the tax is collected on their behalf and applies to residents of Pennsylvania, USA.

Who Is Affected By Berkheimer?

Anyone who works within a Pennsylvania municipality or school district that has contracted Berkheimer Associates to collect taxes will be affected by this tax. This includes full-time, part-time, and self-employed individuals.

What Is The Purpose Of Berkheimer Tax?

The purpose of  this local tax is to provide revenue for local municipalities and school districts to fund essential services such as police and fire departments, road maintenance, and public schools. This tax helps to ensure that these communities have the necessary resources to support their residents.

What Services Does Berkheimer Offer?

Berkheimer Tax offers a variety of services to individuals, employers, payroll companies, tax preparers, and governments. These are as follows:

  • Local Earned Income Tax: This tax is imposed on wages, salaries, tips, commissions, and other compensation earned by residents of Pennsylvania.
  • Quarterly Estimated Earned Income Tax: Individuals who receive income that is not subject to withholding tax must make estimated tax payments quarterly.
  • Local Services Tax: This tax is imposed on individuals who work in a specific jurisdiction and earn more than $12,000 per year.
  • Real Estate Tax: Berkheimer collects real estate taxes for local municipalities throughout Pennsylvania.
  • Per Capita Tax: This tax is imposed on all adult residents of certain jurisdictions and is used to fund local services such as schools, roads, and police departments.
  • Business Privilege Tax: This tax is imposed on businesses that operate in Pennsylvania and have gross receipts of $100,000 and more.

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How Can Berkheimer Help You?



Berkheimer Tax Administrator’s main goal is to make the tax process as simple and efficient as possible for both taxpayers and local governments. By offering a wide range of services and resources, they help individuals and businesses stay compliant with tax laws and regulations while also providing funding for essential local services.

They also strive to provide exceptional customer service, making sure that taxpayers have access to helpful resources and assistance when needed. With their e-filing and payment options, taxpayers can easily file and pay their taxes online, saving time and hassle.

In addition,  their tax’s education and training programs help government officials stay up-to-date on current tax laws, ensuring that taxes are collected accurately and fairly.

Overall, the Berkheimer Administrator is dedicated to serving the needs of both taxpayers and local governments in Pennsylvania, making the tax process more manageable for everyone involved.

So whether you are an individual resident or a business owner operating in Pennsylvania, Berkheimer is standing to assist you with all of your tax needs. They are committed to providing reliable, trustworthy, and efficient services that benefit both taxpayers and local communities.

What Happens If These Tax Is Not Paid?

Failure to pay this tax can result in penalties and interest charges, as well as legal action being taken against the individual. It is important for individuals who are subject to this tax to make sure it is properly reported and paid to avoid any complications or consequences.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Berkheimer


  • Simplifies tax process for employees as it is collected through payroll deductions
  • Helps fund local emergency services in Pennsylvania municipalities
  • Flat rate structure is easy to understand and calculate for both employees and employers


  • Can be an additional financial burden for individuals with low income, as they are still subject to the flat rate tax regardless of their earnings
  • Employers may be required to have knowledge of multiple LST-imposing municipalities and withhold taxes accordingly, adding complexity to the payroll process

Berkheimer Contact/Phone Number/App

Berkheimer Contact

Berkheimer Contact/Phone Number

Berkheimer App

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Berkheimer’s comprehensive range of services and dedication to customer service make them a valuable partner for individuals and businesses in Pennsylvania. Trust them to handle your taxes with accuracy and efficiency while also supporting vital local services. So, reach out to Berkheimer today and experience the difference they can make for you and your community.

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